Many institutions must engage in periodic efforts in response to mandates from government agencies to supply evidence on how space is used. From Facilities and Administrative cost proposals to Medicare / Medicaid reimbursement for medical, the accuracy of the data provided is critical in supporting these substantial efforts.

Space Survey is an optional application designed to provide a powerful means for the collective contribution of appropriate individuals to the accuracy of information in the Space database. Deployed via online forms, the Space Survey is opened by a designated department representative contact to review a list of all spaces for that department, confirm data if correct, or update information that is incorrect or outdated. Submitted to a central Survey Administrator, these updates are reviewed, reconciled, and used to update the central Net-FM database.

Developed by INSITE based on much input and feedback from Consortium Members, the Space Survey application is becoming an increasingly important component of the space management and cost reimbursement effort. INSITE developed both a comprehensive business process and the various tools within the software to support the process.

Each organization has specific needs, items to be collected, and various submission and reporting rules. The Space Survey accommodates all of these requests.