INSITE Space Management is the comprehensive application for managing all spaces within your physical plant. Originally developed by MIT to address specific requirements of colleges and universities, INSITE provides an institution-wide view of managed space and is central repository for the space inventory, tracking a host of space-related attributes in addition to the basics: unique Room ID, organization assignment, architectural room use, and area.

Space Management also allows complete freedom to devise, test and apply space utilization standards via ratio analysis. The application also provides the ability to support space planning scenarios for space allocation studies.

Key features include

  • Robust information for all major facilities components. Integrated tables for land, facilities & floors, people, occupancy, costs, features and many other data sets
  • Highly structured environment. Built-in hierarchies for Geography, Organizations, and Room Architectural Use
  • Unique integrated Floor Plan Query component- graphically view the result of any query on dynamic PDF-based results for easy use, printing, and distribution
  • Many supporting tables and customizable validation lists for key fields, ensuring consistent data throughout
  • Multiple organizational and room use assignments per space – essential for Indirect Cost Recovery
  • Simultaneous storage of both FICM (inside-face-to-inside-face) and BOMA (wall centerline) area measurements
  • Built for the enterprise, yet allowing each user to have a unique experience with the space information