Net-FM integrates a powerful and easy to use query system used to retrieve and display facilities information from the INSITE Database. This information is instantaneously accessible, can be viewed graphically on floor plans, and may be sorted, printed, or exported to spreadsheet files for further analysis and distribution.

Net-FM’s powerful floor plan query system supplies a straightforward interface to focus in on any content for the selected floor plan. Look at Organizations, Room Uses, even individual rooms. Query any other related information on the floor plan such as functions, occupants, features, grants, etc. Quantify you query by area. The generated floor plan is a dynamic PDF display that can be further modified graphically, printed, saved or distributed. This feature is available to anyone who has access to Net-FM and require absolutely no knowledge of floor plan software, as the results is in a widely-available and easily used format.

Also integrated in Net-FM is a comprehensive set of built-in standard reports that address a wide range of information needs form overall summary reports to detailed listings. Users can determine the scope of a report and immediately see the result within the browser.

In addition, all standard reports in Net-FM are also supplied in Crystal Reports format for immediate use and further customization. Database managers can also use other popular report writer applications to create customized reports. INSITE supplies a massive set of “views” (pre-built and comprehensive joined tables) that can serve as data sources for any report writer. Saved reports can be collected in libraries and distributed to a wide audience for immediate access to your latest facilities data. INSITE reports can be distributed via the Internet or your organization’s Intranet using PDF and HTML formats.