This INSITE application, included with Space Management, is an essential core capability for institutions who recover costs they incur in support of programs conducted in their space. Using this component significantly assists in recovery of substantial and auditable amounts of indirect costs or chargebacks. The ICR solution has proven consistently to provide extraordinary returns on an institution’s real property investments. ICR is used in these arenas:

  • Higher Education and Healthcare institutions engaged in sponsored research
  • Organizations engaged in charging space costs back to the departments occupying that space
  • Medical institutions tracking patient care for third-party reimbursement

The primary goal for all these organizations is to maximize recovery of the costs while remaining competitive for new sponsored research by negotiating the lowest recovery rate possible.

There are three critical strategies organizations must fulfill to take advantage the regulations governing recovery of indirect costs associated with space. First, the program activities in space must accurately portray how that space is used. Second, the information must be responsive to the demands of agencies and periodic audits monitoring your use of space. Third, the information about space and programs must comply to all appropriate requirements and regulations form the governing bodies that return the indirect costs to your institution.

Accurate Portrayal of Space Use

To accurately portray the programmatic use of space, INSITE provides a comprehensive and carefully designed data structure. Multiple organizations can be assigned on a proration basis. Program functions are assigned to these organizations and NOT to spaces directly. Finally, multiple functions can be assigned on a proration basis. With this structure, INSITE supplies a highly flexible environment

Here is an example of accurately portraying the uses and activities of departments in space. The areas assigned to functions may be quite different that the actual accumulated area of the spaces.


Response to Agency monitoring and Audits

Combined with the Space Survey application, INSITE presents a comprehensive methodology to gather, accurately maintain / portray space use and assist on providing evidence that strengthens audit defense and negotiation.

Regulatory Compliance

INSITE complies with OMB Circular A-81 & associated rules / regulations, as well as JCAHO compliance standards for the Healthcare industry. We work to insure that the database continues to comply to changing regulations. Consortium members have successfully withstood extensive agency audits over many years due to the auditable evidence provided by the INSITE system.