Asset physical inventories are one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks for asset managers. It is also one of the most crucial. The optional INSITE Equipment Inventory solution is a hardware and software combination that significantly increases inventory accuracy and the speed at which the physical inventory process can be conducted. The solution is a powerful set of tools to aid in the asset inventory process.

Data gathered in the field using the scanner is transferred to the INSITE database using the Asset Reconciler application. In addition, the Reconciler provides a great deal of sophisticated functionality to reconcile and synchronize information between the field asset data and the asset inventory data that resides in the database. When assets in the field are added, removed, relocated, lost/stolen, or damaged, the Reconciler allows you to perform actions and generate reports that greatly assist property managers in dealing with the process.


  • Inventory moveable and fixed equipment
  • Supports cyclic and ad hoc inventory periods
  • Speed up inventory process, saving time and money
  • Improve accuracy of data capture
  • Meet audit requirements, and comply with government regulations
  • Minimize paperwork


INSITE Equipment Inventory recommended package includes:

  • INSITE Scanner Software
  • Symbol Technologies MC55A0 Mobile Scanner
  • Desktop Cradle Kit
    • Single slot cradle
    • USB cable
    • Power supply
    • Line cord
  • Spare Battery, 1560 mAh
  • Case, rigid belt mount
  • Screen Protector Kit
  • Replacement Stylus
  • 36 Month Service Warranty