INSITE applies its resources and expertise to other services available to Consortium members. These services, available upon request and outside the standard Consortium proposal, are separately charged. The services include:
Output Production – Staff resources can be assigned to:

  1. Analyze INSITE query and output requirements
  2. Determine “standard” reporting needs and audiences
  3. Produce reports in forms required for easy distribution

Data Collection – Perform full data capture, collection, and/or creation services for new data, including floor plans. Convert the captured data into the appropriate electronic data files (text or graphic) and incorporate into the INSITE system.
Data Conversion – Based on over 35 years of experience, perform FM data and needs analyses and offer advice and guidance in the definition, organization, and collection of facilities inventory data elements. Provide a plan to successfully convert and migrate data from an existing system with its unique data format and procedures to INSITE, and then perform the conversion as agreed upon by the Member and INSITE.
Auditing Services – Perform field audits of facilities to confirm base information about space and equipment, examine and assess the quality and effectiveness of existing procedures, and determine the quality, consistency and accuracy of existing floor plans.
Customizations – INSITE can, with sufficient analysis and justification, accomplish the programming effort to customize the INSITE system to meet a Consortium member’s specific needs that go beyond the current capabilities. It is understood that these customizations may be added to the general capabilities of the system and made available to all Consortium members.
Technical Consulting – Provide analysis, specifications and programming resources for integrating the INSITE system into existing computing environments, working with other programs, and effecting automated data exchange with other systems.
Management Consulting – Provide analysis, advise and recommendations for organizational configurations, policies & procedures, and information flows that support the accuracy and timeliness of facilities information and its wide spread access to the organization’s community.

“As-Built” CAD Floor Plans – Verify floor plans insuring accuracy and compliance with specified drawing standards. Such floor plans are often required for Facilities and Administration cost proposals.

Equipment Inventory – Perform a physical inventory of moveable and fixed assets. INSITE will apply new barcode asset tags as required and create a new asset database for import into an existing or new asset database.