Net-FM Features

  • Sophisticated RDBMS to manage space, assets, indirect cost recovery (ICR) / space chargeback, and moves
  • Web-based application, unlimited users site license
  • Uniquely embedded business rules based on hands-on experience at major universities for many years
  • Built-in and tested calculations that reflect institutional standards and required regulatory algorithms
  • Structured database views that are easy to understand and fully customized to meet individual needs
  • Library of standard reports included for immediate use. Produce additional via industry-standard reporting tools
  • Comprehensive online Space Survey application for collective contributions to data maintenance
  • ICR application allows for multiple program functions per org per space, as well as proration and accumulation by organization or facility
  • Complies with OMB Circular A-81 rules
  • Track Grants in space for revenue analysis and management of space resources devoted to Grants
  • Integrated Floor Plan Query system that produces dynamic PDF-based displays of any queried information.
  • Simultaneous FICM & BOMA-based area calculations
  • FICM building and room use classification with weighted area proration
  • Built-in integrity checks and user-defined validation
  • Assets linked to space and multiple accounts per asset allowed


Net-FM Benefits

Built for the Enterprise – Net-FM is supplied with an unlimited seat license to encourage widespread access to a central source of facilities and space-related information. It is entirely web-based and delivered to anyone through any browser. The Net-FM administrator controls, without programming effort, all aspects of the user experience. The administrator can:

  • Create unlimited user accounts and manage security for each one
  • Control access to applications, tables and fields for each account
  • Determine user’s control of the data with RO or RW capabilities down to the field level
  • Set default preferences (each user can change preferences for their own account)

Upgrades & New Applications – all enhancements, bug fixes and releases of Net-FM are available to our Consortium Members at no additional cost. Install new releases and upgrades once on the server and they are immediately available to all users.

Accessibility – The system was designed to provide the same experience regardless of browser chosen. Any PC (Windows or Mac) as well as any tablet can run Net-FM from anywhere you can access your organization’s Intranet, allowing for a virtual office.

Open OS – no need for users to worry about what version of operating system is in use. In the enterprise, Net-FM resides on a Windows or UNIX-based server and is used to provide access to the Oracle-based and centrally stored database.

Enterprise Links

INSITE is the result of extensive experience and expertise in the institutional FM arena. INSITE has made a conscious decision not to dilute that expertise in the system by attempting to duplicate other traditional facilities-related capabilities. Examples of such systems include those that specifically address Classroom and Event Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, and AEC oriented CADD. Our strategy is to offer the ability to link INSITE to these existing systems whenever possible. As a result, INSITE has been designed with these opportunities to link in mind. An enterprise link is not just a technical consideration, but a business one as well. INSITE continues to foster relationships with providers of excellent systems so that any links between their products and INSITE are accomplished with a high degree of advance thinking, quality and enrichment to all linked capabilities