The INSITE suite is the only system that provides two different options for integrating floor plans with the database: ACADLink™ or Visual-FM™. Floor plans are not required in order to implement INSITE, so an organization can integrate electronic floor plans at their own pace. Both methods provide a seamless link and rich functionality between floor plans and the INSITE database. The Visual-FM technology, however, helps to significantly reduce labor costs for creating, maintaining, and linking floor plans by eliminating the need to create and maintain polylines.

This unique INSITE-developed computer-aided drafting application integrates electronic floor plans with the INSITE system. As a graphic “window” to the database, changes made to the floor plan automatically update the INSITE database. Results of database queries can be displayed graphically on the floor plan. Through the use of object-oriented technology and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Visual-FM can reduce the cost of creating and maintaining floor plans by over 60% when compared to AutoCAD®-based drawings and other systems. It is the only system in the world that can automatically calculate the area of any room WITHOUT the need to create or maintain room polylines.

Visual-FM™ provides a highly productive method for creating accurate floor plans through digitizing or precision input. Floor plans are constructed through placement of objects (walls, doors, windows, etc.), creating an intelligent drawing compatible with industry standards. Features include automatic area calculation without polylines, data validation, easy maintenance, and a wide variety of query, display, plot and print capabilities. Each room on the floor plan is a unique graphic entity with associated, relevant information such as room number, use, organizational assignment and area. Visual-FM, a graphical client to the INSITE database, can be implemented independently.

Visual-FM LT™

Identical to Visual-FM, this program simply restricts users from saving to floor plans of record. It is the perfect means to create and save alternative scenarios quickly for planning and analysis and take advantage of the power of Visual-FM at a significantly lower cost per seat.