ACADLink™ is an AutoCAD® add-on and provides the tools to interface with the Net-FM database while not interfering with any AutoCAD® functions or capabilities. Space information in the database can be directly linked to the floor plans, and database operations like insert, delete, and update can be performed directly on an AutoCAD® floor plan. Area information is dynamically calculated from the floor plan and linked directly to the database. Tools are provided for working with the floor plan and linking graphical information on the floor to space records in the database.

Establishing the link is very simple and intuitive. Functionality in ACADLink™ includes connecting / disconnecting from the INSITE database, add/edit/delete spaces, recalculate the area of any or all spaces, all within the familiar AutoCAD® environment. In addition, clicking inside any space or on a linked entity brings up a window into the database for the record belonging to that particular space or entity. Edit the space’s data directly and update the drawing and database all at once. Additional capabilities include powerful queries, legend customization and placement, and reconciliation between rooms in the floor plan and corresponding space records in the database.