What Is the INSITE Consortium?

In addition to this 3 minute video that provides an overview response to that question, the 7 items below offer the more significant milestones of over 54 years of the INSITE Consortium’s history of INSITE’s unique history of this unique CAFM technology transfer corporation:

  1. In late 1966 MIT began the development of the world’s first facilities and asset management system in their Planning Office to automate a long-needed planning and management tool.  It was budget-named  “INstitutional Space Inventory TEchniques (INSITE™)” and also addresses the proration of operational costs for indirect cost applications.
  2. In 1973, responding to sister institutions’ inquiries, MIT created the “INSITE Consortium” to share its pioneering INSITE technology and expertise to effectively apply it world-wide to other non-profit Educational, Healthcare and Government institutional Consortium Members (CMs).
  3. The INSITE suite with a site license is provided to CMs at no capital cost, requiring only a nominal annual support fee for application guidance and systems support to assure INSITE’s highest and best use at non-profit institutions, worldwide.
  4. In 1996, MIT lawyers created an independent, non-profit Consortium Corporation with an exclusive worldwide, royalty-free license for the INSITE suite to carry on the development and support exclusively for non-profit institutions and to grow the Membership.
  5. All CM support is provided by OFMS’ in-house staff, not regional consultants, regardless of the CM’s State or country of origin.
  6. All system enhancements and most developments included in the annual support fee are created from the needs expressed by CMs who then are encouraged to participate in testing the results to assure they meet the CM’s intended needs before being released.
  7. INSITE’s President, noted on the FICM Manual’s cover as Chair of the NCES Working Group that produced the manual, also acts as their Pro-bono consultant to respond to all FICM queries.