INSITE provides a high level of support and extensive FM services:

Startup Activities

System and Business Analysis – INSITE assists new members in their analysis of how data is collected and entered, how the INSITE system can be structured and used, how data and graphics access can be deployed to a wide audience, and how to determine the organizational configuration that best supports the strategic FM effort.

Systems Integration – INSITE works with new members to achieve a smooth integration of the INSITE system into the computing environment. Activities include hardware/software acquisition assistance as well as operating system and program installation.

Data Conversion – INSITE provides the resources, if desired, to convert legacy and graphics data into the INSITE database.

Training and Documentation – INSITE conducts onsite training in the operation of the INSITE database and in the use of our floor plan technology. Optional training is available for such efforts as performing effective field audits and techniques for efficient floor plan construction and maintenance. The INSITE system is thoroughly documented both from the technical and end user perspectives and available to Consortium Members in a variety of formats.

Systems Support

Systems Administration Consulting – The support staff guide and assist Consortium members in accomplishing the one-time and regular technical activities with INSITE and the computing platform upon which it runs. This support can be accomplished remotely if desired via the Internet.

System Maintenance – INSITE resolves all system anomalies uncovered by its own staff and by users, then releases the fixes to the entire Consortium. A release scheduling system insures each Consortium member is using the latest software.

New System Development and Enhancement – The engineering staff continuously develops innovative FM tools and fosters enterprise links with other selected systems.

Applications Support

Consultation and Analysis – INSITE offers telephone and Email support to educate users in the operation of INSITE and to advise on its best use. That support includes determining the problem and solution to user errors, suggesting approaches for data analysis and system integration, and assisting in daily operational issues.

Optional Site Visits – Application Engineers visit members upon request to offer advice and training, appraise database operations, conduct presentations and share FM information.

Education Activities – INSITE holds its biennial INSITE Consortium Conference (ICC) where members share ideas, techniques and information.

Internet Support – INSITE maintains a Consortium member-only web site with these features:

  • Download latest software and documentation
  • Forwards requests for INSITE enhancements
  • Links to information sources, publications, white papers and other FM related documents