From its inception as a pilot program in 1973, the concept of sharing the INSITE technology has proven to be of great value to all participants. The INSITE Consortium has evolved to be a rich and important component in the effective use of FM information technology and space accounting techniques.From three universities in 1973, the Consortium has grown by simple word-of-mouth into an international membership of universities, hospitals, and government agencies. Some Consortium members have been using the INSITE technology continuously for over 25 years.

The collective FM experience and expertise of the Consortium members has grown from applying common technology to common problems, to sharing strategies and techniques with all of the members. Members actively communicate amongst themselves and use INSITE as a clearing house for ideas and information. Consortium members actively contribute ideas for the future enhancements of the INSITE products. INSITE encourages such interchange and provides support programs geared to these Consortium activities including a private Consortium Support web site.

A primary mission of INSITE is to support Consortium members worldwide. With this large and diversified membership, INSITE users benefit greatly from the increased sharing of knowledge and experience, and a richer mix of benchmark data for their exclusive use.


INSITE, a non-profit company, is unique in its method of deploying INSITE technology. There is no capital investment to purchase the system, no ongoing leasing costs, and the technology is provided with unlimited-seat access. Consortium members are asked only to reimburse INSITE for nominal costs to provide ongoing systems, applications and business support. Consortium members receive the full suite of INSITE products from which they can determine which to utilize. All new products and enhancements to existing systems are distributed to members free of any upgrade charge. Within a member’s organization, there are no restrictions on the number of users accessing the INSITE database.

Consortium Membership and Agreements

The INSITE technology is available only to Consortium members. Upon joining the INSITE Consortium, an organization can immediately implement and use INSITE. The initial and ongoing relationship between a member and INSITE is accomplished in the form of a signed proposal that is annualized to the organization’s fiscal year and renewed annually.