The INSITE Consortium, founded in 1973 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continued in 1996 as a fully independent non-profit corporation, serves an international membership of education, healthcare and government organizations.

Led by senior managers with decades of hands-on facilities management (FM) experience, INSITE offers FM expertise and pioneering “Best-of-Breed” technology solutions that provide senior management with decision-support knowledge to best manage their physical assets.

With a Consortium Membership dating back to the 1970’s, INSITE has provided an improved insight into their real property portfolio, strengthened their workplace business processes, saved millions of dollars in workplace costs, and improved the indirect cost reimbursements for those institutions doing federal and state sponsored research.

The History of INSITE

In the beginning …

In 1966, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began to develop a database management system for the storage, manipulation, analysis and reporting on vast quantities of facilities data. The project was headed by Mr. Kreon Cyros, the Director of the Office of Facilities Management Systems at MIT. In 1970, MIT had a working database management system for “Institutional Space and Inventory Techniques”, later to be called “INSITE”. Finally in 1973, a consortium of users from academic, healthcare, corporate and government institutions began using INSITE.

OFMS, Inc DBA INSITE was founded in 1996 as a MIT spin-off company dedicated to continuing the development and sharing of the INSITE technology via an exclusive license agreement with the Institute.

And now …

With nearly 50 years of institutional facilities management experience. INSITE offers these unique credentials:

  • The world’s pioneering CAFM system, developed since 1966
  • Created as a non-profit organization
  • Systems and expertise shared via a Consortium of non-profit institutions and government agencies
  • No software capital costs
  • Enhancements and new releases based upon Consortium member input is provided freely
  • Easily linked to other best of breed enterprise systems


INSITE is derived from the title “INstitutional Space Inventory TEchniques”. OFMS, Inc. is a non-profit Massachusetts corporation with a registered DBA as INSITE. The INSITE Name and logo are registered exclusively to OFMS, Inc.