INSITE is a pioneer in the field of space and asset management, CAFM systems, and the business of managing an organization’s strategic physical resources– space and equipment. The company has nearly 50 years of experience developing the innovative INSITE suite of CAFM products, deploying INSITE to an international consortium of users, and providing them with comprehensive support and service. Some of the world’s leading institutions are among the members of the INSITE consortium of users.


The INSITE staff has been involved in deploying and implementing INSITE for a half-century. Introducing and integrating any new system in an organization requires comprehensive analysis of the existing business conditions, policies and procedures, technical environments, and related data. INSITE has built a body of experience and expertise in implementing INSITE in organizations ranging from small single-site institutions to large multi-site universities, government agencies, and healthcare organizations.

INSITE primary missions are:

  • Developing and sharing CAFM systems & technology
  • Providing superb support FM services, and institutional business expertise to an international Consortium of users

To learn more about who we are, please view the 3-minute video above.